ACCIS aims to bring together and represent the interests of its members - the consumer credit reference agencies in Europe - on matters of common interest.
It was established in Dublin in October 1990 and it is since November 2006 a registered International non-profit association under Belgian law. Its headquarters are located in Brussels, Avenue Louise 106.

The key functions of the Association are:

  • to represent, promote, protect and preserve the common interests of its members, and in particular with regard to international matters and questions arising in connection with the European Community.
  • to attend to all matters which relate directly or indirectly to the interests of its members, to include in particular the representation and advocacy of member interests vis-a-vis government agencies, the public and all other third parties.
  • to inform the members about matters of concern to them, including information about practices of other members.
  • to co-ordinate the mutual interests of the members.
  • to represent its members in the world committee.

In addition, ACCIS aims to create a legal climate in which its members can continue and develop their services both at home and in Europe.