NEW MEMBERS: ACCIS Welcomes three new Full Members: CRIF GmbH (Austria), ERIF Register of Debtors BIG S.A.(Poland) and United Credit Bureau (Russia)

About CRIF GmbH

CRIF is currently the market leader in continental Europe in the field of banking credit information and one of the main international players for business & commercial information. More than 3,100 banks and financial institutions all over the world use CRIF solutions on a daily basis.

Through in-depth knowledge and expertise, CRIF offers a comprehensive and highly integrated approach to decision making. It effectively combines credit bureau services, decision support solutions, consultancy, outsourcing, software and worldwide business information systems.

This complete set of capabilities enables CRIF to provide advanced solutions for every phase of the customer relationship cycle – from strategic planning, to fraud prevention, to acquisition and portfolio management, and debt collection – in order to provide you with a distinct competitive advantage.

CRIF Austria, based in Vienna, specializes in risk and marketing management services by providing real-time and updated information on the creditworthiness of consumers and businesses. CRIF supports leading Austrian banks, leasing and insurance companies, as well as the trade, e-commerce and telecoms sectors, with strategic consultancy and operational support during all credit lifecycle phases.



About ERIF Register of Debtors BIG S.A.

ERIF Register of Debtors BIG S.A. is a credit information bureau (BIG) in Poland, established and operating under the provisions of the Act of April 9, 2010 on the Disclosure of Credit Information and Exchange of Economic Data (Journal of Laws No. 81, item 530, as amended) and Data Management Regulations of 21 December 2010.

The bureau receives, stores and discloses information concerning both debtors and payers who meet their financial obligations in a timely manner. Solutions and instruments offered by the Register are dedicated to increasing the security of financial transactions conducted by the parties and rewarding a positive payment history.

ERIF cooperates with many sectors from the whole Polish market, such as: telecommunications, multimedias, banking, finances, public sector and others.

ERIF Register of Debtors BIG S.A. is currently the only credit information bureau in Poland verified by an independent auditor – KPMG Audyt sp. z o.o. sp.k. (Ltd. LLP) – on a quarterly basis. Our bureau propagates policy of education and information about benefits and consequences of being registered in credit information bureau’s database as a debtor or as a reliable payer. We carry out advertising campaigns on TV, on newspapers and on the Internet. We educate Polish consumers’ market about payment responsibility.

The mission of ERIF Register of Debtors BIG S.A. is structured around building credibility and accountability in the relationship between market operators. At the same time, we boost the security of financial transactions they conduct.



About United Credit Bureau

United Credit Bureau is the leader in the Russian market of credit histories, operates a database with more than 154 mln credit history records from more than 500 clients, including major retail banks & MFIs. Bureau is constantly working to improve the data quality and the creation of new services that help financial institutions with:

  • Credit risk management while giving the loan to potential client (issuing credit reports, bureau score, express-score)
  • Fraud risk management (National Hunter service, ID verification service)
  • Effective credit portfolio management for the purpose of cross sales, collection and limit management on the cards (notification service Triggers)
  • Market Analytics (Benchmarking service)

Bureau’s technical solutions allow clients to work at the world standards level 24/7 strictly observing all safety requirements.

Bureau shareholders: Sberbank of Russia, Experian – the leading global credit services group, Interfax Group.