NEW MEMBERS: ACCIS Welcomes two new Full Members: ACRA Credit Reporting (Armenia) and SOLUS (Czech Republic)

About ACRA Credit Reporting

"ACRA Credit Reporting" CJSC, is the first private credit bureau in Armenia, which was founded in January 2004 and has already signed contracts with banks, micro finance organizations, utility companies, grantors and insurance companies operating in Armenia. The primary objective of credit bureau operations is data gathering from the above mentioned institutions, processing, timely updating of information as well as safeguarding the information and preserving the necessary confidentiality.

ACRA Credit Bureau through its wide-ranging and comprehensive services helps financial organizations discover the most suitable and efficient prospects and make well-informed decisions to identify and enhance customer relationships, effectively manage risk and prevent fraud, constantly create facilitating options and new opportunities.

The activities of ACRA Credit Bureau are regulated by RA Law on Circulation of Credit Information and Activities of Credit Bureaus.

ACRA Credit Bureau provides wide range of services, including credit reports on borrowers’ credit history, score estimations on physical borrowers, self-enquiry services to individuals (getting on-line credit and score reports), and statistical reports on credit portfolio trends of financial organizations.




Founded in 1999, SOLUS operates the oldest credit bureau in the Czech Republic. Its name in Czech is actually an acronym that reflects its original status as a non-bank loan and leasing association.

Since its foundation SOLUS admitted to its membership banks (since 2001), telco operators (since 2005), utilities (since 2006), building societies (since 2007), a retail store (2009) and an insurance company (2012). Currently SOLUS has a total of 47 members.

SOLUS currently operates a negative credit bureau of consumers, a negative credit bureau of entrepreneurs and legal entities, a positive credit bureau and a negative register of brokers and intermediaries.

Since 2010 SOLUS provides the consumers with the possibility to verify their record on-line through an SMS statement.

SOLUS actively co-operates with the Czech Leasing and Financial Association, as well as with a number of non-profit organisations focused on consumer education and advisory.